This is our story...

Matt and April were married in 2001 after knowing one another and having our families be friends for years. Our Grandparents were friends and were a big part of our lives. We have 2 amazing kids, Erin and Alex. They are talented, loving, and just generally fun to be around. They have worked beside us as we transformed our farm into what it is today.

We moved to the family farm in 2005 and have worked to create a place that we can grow, live and dream. The farm has been in April's family for years. It has always been our dream to humanely raise animals, fresh produce, and one day share our products with our neighbors. 

April loves to bake, create gifts, and share recipes... Matt loves taking care of our animals and making a place where family and friends can come and relax and enjoy our little piece of heaven. Our animals are spoiled and well cared for. We both grew up on farms, so we know there is a circle of life and many of our animals are to provide food for our family - but why not give them an amazing life in the meantime. 

Cookie - our farm mascot - was our 'first' real addition to the farm family. Our sow has given us many baby piglets, even a grand champion hog in the local fair. But, she is best known for being a very large, gentle giant who loves apples and attention. We have 2 other sows, Dori and Donna who now provide baby piglets now that Cookie is retired. 

We look forward to this chapter of our adventure and sharing it with you, our neighbors.